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Nur Syamimi Jamaludin. Born on 16 March 1987. Servant's of Allah. A devoted wife to Mr Azrol Azizan. Ibu to Nur Iman Khadeeja. A gumoks woman trying to be a kuruih woman. Kihkihkihkih!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012



LOVE isn't blind or deaf or dumb. In fact it sees far more than it will ever tell. It is going beyond yourself and stretching who you are for someone else. Being in LOVE entails seeing someone as you wish they were. To LOVE them is to see who they really are and still care for them. LOVE isn't bitter, but you can't have LOVE without pain. Sacrifice is the hallmark of LOVE, the coin of LOVE.

Being in LOVE usually is used in a romantic sense when you meet your significant other transforming a normal relationship into a deeper one without further interest in others.

LOVE means that you trust the person, would do anyhting for the person, know that person is with you though thick and thin, isn't afraid to be seen with you.


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